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Geartronics are primarily engaged in the design and manufacture of semi-automatic control systems for sequential motorsport gearboxes.


LAP Engineering can supply, install, configure and support the full range of Geartronics products.

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Examples of Geartronics products avaialable from LAP Engineering


Geartronics Paddle Shift Kit

Paddle Shift Kit

Proven reliability - multiple 24-hour race winning system.

Faster & more precise than manual shifting - clutchless up & down shifts typically 50-60mS or less, depending upon gearbox type & engine inertia etc.

Significantly reduced gearbox dog wear compared to manual shift.

Virtually constant power delivery to the driven wheels, reducing the risk of vehicle instability during shifts.

Uses pneumatic (compressed air) actuation, as favoured by most professional race teams.

Both hands can be kept on the steering wheel at all times, allowing you to concentrate on other aspects of car control, leading to reduced lap/stage times.

Allows you to shift up and down when you want, not when the
conditions dictate.

Eliminates downshift induced over-revs, and includes other sophisticated engine & gearbox protection strategies.

Capable of up to 5 down-shifts in less than 1 second, leading to shorter braking distances.

Optional automatic up-shift and 'stacked' down-shift pre-select modes. Note: the auto modes can be disabled in firmware for FIA or ACO events.

Full track support available if required.

Geartronics Easyshift - full-throttle manual shift system

Easyshift - full-throttle manual shift system

Unlike all other standalone flatshift systems, the Geartronics ECU operates our unique closed-loop strategy using feedback from the rotary barrel position sensor, thereby ensuring the fastest & smoothest shifts along with reduced gearbox wear.

Most aftermarket engine management systems incorporate a basic flatshift function, but this may only have provision for a pre-programmed cut duration. More expensive management systems may allow gear dependent shift cut durations, but this is still a significant compromise. The Geartronics 'Easyshift' ECU has the added sophistication of using fully closed-loop control of the engine torque reduction, therefore automatically adjusting the cut duration every time you change gear. This means that every shift is timed to perfection with the minimum interruption of torque to the wheels. There is also no possibility of resuming full engine power before the next gear has been fully engaged, leading to significantly reduced dog wear.

Geartronics Easyshift - full-throttle manual shift system Gear Knob Load Cell Sensor
Geartronics Easyshift - full-throttle manual shift system In-line Load Cell Sensor
Geartronics Easyshift - full-throttle manual shift system Classic Gear Indicator Display
Geartronics Easyshift - full-throttle manual shift system Gear Position Sensors
Geartronics Easyshift - full-throttle manual shift system Wiring Looms


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