Benetton B200 conversion to Geartronic

Earlier this year, we where asked to convert this Benetton B200 F1 car using a Judd V10 to Geartronics paddle shift. We used a Motec M190 with a custom Geartronics package and Geartronics hardware and where able to integrate the existing the XAP steering wheel and AP Racing hand clutch system over CAN to operate […]

Nissan Group C Engines

Recently we converted two Nissan Group C Cars to use Motec M150’s to control the 3.5 Litre V8 twin turbo engines from an R90CK and R90CP. We wrote a custom package for these engines and mapped them this week on Xtecs’s engine dyno. The results where very pleasing and they will be going into the […]

Oreca 03 M190 Conversion

Recently we converted our fifth Oreca 03 from the Marelli Ecu to a Motec M190. We make a new internal engine harness that mates with all of the existing wiring harness’s but replaces the engine ecu with a Motec M190. We have developed our own Motec Partner Package to allow full control of the engine […]

Acura ARX03 LMP1

Another amazing project to be involved with alongside Scott Sport. This Acura LMP1 cam in kit form. This gave us the opportunity to spec the wiring loom and all of the electronics exactly as we wanted them. We spec’d and manufactured the entire wiring loom using a Motec M190 with Geartronics partner package to to […]

Brun C91 Shakedown

MoTec ECUs in Brun 91

It’s been a long time coming but it was great to shake down this beautifully restored Brun C91 by Scott Sport  using MoTeC  M150 with a GPR package, C125 with Display Creator and a PDM30.

Audi R8 LMP900

Audi R8 LMP900

As far as shakedowns and vehicle commissions go, it was amazing to do this 2000 Audi R8 LMP900. What a car! Audi Sport  Fully controlled by MoTeC  M190 with a Geartronics partner package, PDM32 and C125 can’t wait to see this out!

MoTec Controlled Judd V10

Epsilon Euskadi

It’s been a busy week that has included another finished project with this stunning looking Epsilon Euskadi restored by Pursuit Racing Ltd  running a glorious sounding Judd V10 all controlled with MoTeC  M190 with Geartronics partner package and hardware, C185, PDM32 and a steering wheel mounted D153.

BMW S65 M3

BMW S65 M3

We love this beautiful BMW S65 M3 GTR built by Woodrow Motorsport. LAP Engineering  calibrated the engine and gear shift using MoTeC  M150 with Geartronics Partner package and hardware. It looks and sounds stunning.

Peugeot 205 T16 Calibration

Peugeot 205 T16

We were very excited when asked to calibrate this Peugeot 205 T16 for a customer last week running on a MoTeC M130 with GPR. What an amazing car and an amazing piece of history.

Scotts Sport Zytek LMP1 engine

Scott Sport Zytek LMP1

Great day on the Gibson Technology Dyno with the Scott Sport Zytek LMP1 engine, all coming together for the new season. Can’t wait.

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